MRG announces launch of President’s Club Fund

Mining Executive Search Firm to align itself with Clients as “Partners” in addition to being a service provider

VANCOUVER, BC / ACCESSWIRE / December 10, 2015 / The Mining Recruitment Group Ltd( MRG), a Vancouver based executive search firm focused exclusively on the unique needs of the mining industry, is happy to announce the launch of its internal resource focused investment fund.

Since 2006, MRG has established itself as the pre-eminent search firm within the resource space, having advised companies ranging in size from $5M to $20B in market cap and having been involved in searches spanning all senior executive and functional leadership positions within the mining industry.

Andrew Pollard, President of MRG states “The Industry is now working its way through what has been one of the most challenging periods on record. Global spending on exploration is estimated to reach lows not seen in the past 4 years and investment into the junior sector, the lifeline of the industry, is around 10% of what it would be in a healthy market. Despite this, I have witnessed a marked increase in sentiment since the beginning of the year. Mining job postings are up over 30% YTD and with 39% of mining executives planning retirement within the next 4 years(based on a survey conducted amongst our executive contacts) things are inevitably going to get tighter out there. The tide is now shifting and, from my perspective, those companies that are going to succeed will need two things: leadership and support. As leadership is what my business has always been predicated on, I want to now dually focus on supporting those companies committed to building the best teams. It is with these companies that I want to establish a vested interest in while changing the dynamic from Client to Partner.”

The MRG President’s Fund will be established to take key positions within our executive search clients, up to and including 100% of our fees generated. Given the size and nature of our typical deals, this can amount to significant positions within our “partner” clients.

Andrew Pollard goes on to state “After nearly a decade of working behind the scenes and in the boardrooms of some of the most prominent resource companies on the planet, it is exceedingly apparent what having a true “arms length” and intense process surrounding the search and selection of key personnel can make to the overall success or failure of a mining company, be it a junior grassroots explorer or the most established of producers. In many cases it is not a commodities problem, it is a leadership problem and having “quarterbacked” a number of high profile turnarounds from once floundering companies, a few key changes can make the world of difference.”

MRG continues to be committed to working with mining companies that only settle for the best though for two years now this has only be a luxury of the “have’s” of the industry. It is the goal of establishing our “President’s Fund” to now bring our services to the many companies within our sector that are most in need.

Mining companies with immediate executive search requirements or those looking to plan for succession in the future are encouraged to get in touch with MRG to learn more about our services and our newly created fund.

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