Mining Executive Search & Recruitment:

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The Mining Recruitment Group(MRG) is a privately owned Canadian mining executive search firm offering full-service recruitment expertise to our clients within the resource industry. We are in the business of identifying and influencing talent of uncommon ability to align with our Client companies.

Established in 2006, The Mining Recruitment Group has become The leader in executive search for emerging junior and mid cap mining companies. With a presence in both Vancouver and Toronto, our mission is to build deep, “trusted advisor” relationships with our clients, and to do so with a keen appreciation for the unique requirements of the resource industry.

Since our inception, we have advised companies ranging in size from $5M to $100B in market cap and have been involved in successful searches spanning all senior executive and functional leadership positions within the mining industry. Our track record and involvement with high-profile searches and Client turnarounds has garnered us regular publicity on a national scale.

Our value to clients begins with four important differentiators—boutique service; sector expertise; leadership focus; and innovative search transparency and methodology.

The Mining Recruitment Group is a full service recruitment consultancy that has been utilized to focus on the full spectrum of needs that emerging juniors, mid-sized and large scale producers face. Additionally, MRG has been called upon by Private Equity Groups, Investment Banks and Institutions alike to provide a myriad of services to Mining & Metals teams.

We limit the number of Clients we work with to ensure that we have access to the largest Candidate pool to draw from. The larger the recruitment firm and the bigger their Client list, the smaller the Candidate pool they are allowed to approach. This is due to the “hands off” policies all large executive search firms boast, a promise to past Clients that they won’t poach their employees down the line. This severely inhibits their ability to perform on new mandates, meaning employers may miss out on the best applicants. By working with a boutique mining recruitment agency like MRG, we give you the access to the best mining Candidates that larger firms are contractually obligated not to.

  If you have an immediate vacancy or are planning for growth in the near future, please reach out to Andrew Pollard directly.


New Offering For 2018: Quarterly or Annual Engagements.
Retirements. Growth. Righting the ship. Regardless of the reason, a company can find themselves having to recruit for multiple key positions at once.  Leverage our network, expertise and influence to transform your Company. Multiple Searches. One Fee. Four Client Slots.

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Mining Compensation Consulting:

MRG has expanded its service offering by providing independent remuneration consulting to assist Compensation Committee’s with matters related to the compensation of independent Board members and executive teams. MRG now provides an external perspective of marketplace trends and best practices related to compensation design and governance as bench-marked against peers by industry sector, stage of development, size and current market conditions.

We find that the best compensation practices are those that are tied to the delivery of investor returns in the long-term, avoid extreme measures and have a process that adheres to the principles of open and clear communication between management and the compensation committee and all stakeholders on expectations and outcomes. Our recommendations will not only provide the compensation criteria but also establish a process to ensure that stakeholders are onside and communication is open.

President’s Fund:

To ensure our priorities are aligned with that of our Clients over the long-term, MRG has established its’ own internal Resource focused investment vehicle entitled the “President’s Club Fund”, whereby we take sizeable positions up to and including 100% percent of fee revenue within Client companies. In doing so, we go beyond just the typical “vendor” mentality to that of a trusted business partner.


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