The Mining Recruitment Group is a boutique Executive Search Firm focused on connecting mining companies with great candidates.

Client Services

We believe in being flexible in terms of working with each client to operate around their unique individual needs and expectations on every given search. Every client has different needs, consequently every search requires a customized solution. We tailor our process, our working relationship, and the terms of our agreement around the unique needs of our clients.

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We work closely with our candidates to ensure that the opportunities in which they are considering are the best ones available for them within the marketplace. With good people being extremely hard to come by, The Mining Recruitment Group strives to maintain the highest level of professionalism on behalf of the candidates with whom we work.

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The Mining Recruitment Group has worked behind the scenes and in the boardrooms of many of the most prominent and highly regarded resource companies on the planet. We continue to be highly selective with the clients we choose to work with.

We are focused purely on the unique needs of the Mining Industry.

Established in 2006, The Mining Recruitment Group has become the lead agency in executive search for emerging junior and mid-cap mining companies. With a presence in both Vancouver and Toronto, our mission is to build deep, "trusted advisor" relationships with our clients, and to do so with a keen appreciation for the unique requirements of the resource industry.
Since our inception, we have advised companies ranging in size from $5M to $20B in market cap and have been involved in successful searches spanning all senior executive and functional leadership positions within the mining industry. Our track record and involvement with high-profile searches and Client turnarounds has garnered us regular publicity on a National scale.
The Mining Recruitment Group combines the best of executive search practices in terms of thoroughness of search process with the speed, savvy, and personal attention required by rapidly growing resource companies. Our value to clients begins with four important differentiators—boutique service; sector expertise; leadership focus; and innovative search transparency and methodology.


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